How to stay healthy during Holidays 

When the holiday season comes around, this means for holiday feast is here many of you will be tempted to overindulge in once a year delicacies, imbibe great quantities of alcohol and skip regular exercise sessions. Staying healthy can be challenging. 
It’s acceptable to indulge in your favorites as long you do in moderation. Yes you can still enjoy this coming holiday season to the fullest without putting away your health on by applying the following tips.
1. Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle 

– Most things work best when they are done in moderation. Anything in excess can sabotage your health: food, drinks, work, exercise, stress or even leisure. Good health is finding balance, physical, mental,emotional, and spiritual lifestyle.

2. Eat Nutritious Foods.

– It’s so hard to refrain from eating holiday delicacies and maintain nutritional habits, but you can minimize your intake by first picking on “heavy” foods – that contains high water content like broth-based soups and real foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

3. Don’t overdo your alcohol consumption

– Experts believe that one shot of wine per day may reduce your risk of heart disease and may even prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. However to much of alcohol can increase your risk of liver disease and stroke.

4. Watch your sweets intake

– In the spirit of Christmas, you can give yourself some freedom to consume sweets, but just don’t overdo it for they can increase your risk of both heart disease and diabetes. For naturally, sweet go for fresh fruits.

5. Boost your immune system to fight diseases.

– Taking food supplements is a great way to avoid getting sick during holiday season. Natural foods that are rich in antioxidants,fiber,vitamins and minerals perform many important tasks that benefit your body.

6. Don’t overwork yourself!

– Working to much can undermine your health and can negatively impact in your relationships with family and friends. While it is true that there’s nothing wrong with working hard on your working assignments, it is important that you should also take your breaks in order to give yourself time to nurture your creative spirits.

7. Stick your expertise goals.

– During the holiday season you will be tempted to stop doing your exercise habit. But half-hour workouts everyday can help you stay healthy.

8. Enjoy some outdoor activities.

– Spending time with nature is fine way to ease out stress and to disentangle yourself from worries. Christmas is a great time to get out into nature and frolic in the beauty of the surroundings.

9. Surround yourself with the right people.

– Who are the people you surround yourself with? What do they do with their lives? Are they successful? How knowledgeable, propitious, and motivated are they? Are they capable of lifting you into the next level? If you want success and happiness in your life you have to choose the right people you spend time with and you need to select productive activities you engaged in as well.
These are some helpful tips on how to enjoy Christmas to the fullest, while still looking after for your health. May this holiday season end the present year on a joyful note and make way for a healthy and prosperous new year.  


Triathlon for a Cause

Last July 11, 2017 I join triathlon with a cause for this time. Our registration fee for this event is 100% goes to the CHD kids patients in Cebu City. Congenital Heart Disease/Defect kids needs operation to prolong life. Thanks to Dr. Robert “Obet” Capatoy my team mate in TriZur (Triathlon Zamboanga Del Sur)  who sponsor my registration fee.

Doc Obet told me lets join this event to help kids with CHD and  i can also experience the swim course in Mactan Newton Beach  beside the Shangrila beach resort which is the swim course area for the upcoming IRONMAN 70.3 Philippines.

IRONMAN Philippines in Cebu is the most awaited triathlon event for all triathletes in country because they said its a Disneyland triathlon destination and a very festive event.

Day 1. Friday ( June 9, 2017)

Chillax with coffee and bread at Cokaliong Lines from Ozamiz to Cebu


Day 2. June 10, 2017 – Saturday

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Day 3: June 11, 2017 – Sunday



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Proud of Our Medal for the Rotary Corporate Triathlon

Day 4: June 12, 2017 – Monday (Back Home)

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10 Commandments in Panikian Island

Panikian Island is located in the southernmost tip of Zamboanga del Sur. This beautiful island is uninhabited by people and is untainted by human hands. The beaches with crystal clear waters create a stunning image that can only be described as heavenly.

Panikian ISland

10 Commandments in Panikian Island

  1. Avoid disturbing nesting female turtles.
  2. Leave nest, eggs and hatching undisturbed.
  3. Turn off light that shine on beach (between May 1st to October 31st)
  4. Observe cleanliness. Garbage is bad for the turtles and other marine animals.
  5. Take you everything you brought to the island back home. (All trash and garbage)
  6. Stay away from an identified nesting sites with or without installed signage for at least 5 meters.
  7. Do not ride on the turtle, pull her flippers, turn over turtle, jump on her or injure her physically.
  8. Do not build campfires, shine bright torches on the beach at night or on the nesting turtle.
  9. Do not take any action for empty egg shells, or exposed, unhatched eggs. Violators subject to fines and imprisonment as stipulated in Republic Act No. 9417 (Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act) and Republic Act 8550 (Fisheries Code of 1998)
  10. Do the right thing. Help a safer environment for all sea turtles and other marine animals. Report weak, sick, or injured sea turtles and/or any marine animals or even violators by calling MENRO Pitogo at 0912-400-4853


Photo Credit: Ace Cerilles

EMCOR and Rotary Pagadian Fun Run

Me and my brother Sammy Jun join the Fun Run hosted by EMCOR Pagadian and Rotary Pagadian. Watch the clip below because we are having fun going down from our famous  Rotonda in Pagadian City


We Team TRIZUR (Triathlon Zamboanga Del Sur) survive th BPI Cards DURIANMAN.

The challenge is to swim 1.5km from Davao to Samal island and bike 40km and run 10km.

Crossing Pakiputan Channel is one major concern because of the strong current.

Kudos to the organizers team TRIAD – Triathlon Association of Davao and the volunteers that make this event a safe one specially to my newbie team mates.

Photo Credits from BPI DURIANMAN and TRIAD

Lake Maragang Adventure 

May 1, 2015 we visited lake Maragang located in Maragang, Zamboanga Del Sur.

Tips before you visit this place.

  1. Visit PENRO office for a permit and pay.
  2. Decide to stay overnight or a day tour.
  3. Look for a local guide. (I recommend  Apol Soria – 09106270551 , PAPA Mountaineers, Bobong Etang)
  4. Bring more foods.
  5. Bring your trash or garbage back home.
  6. Don’t forget your camera or cellphones for a selfie.
  7. Bring swim gears like goggles.
  8. Wear light shirt, pants, shorts, shoes, sandals.
  9. Umbrella for hot and rainy weather.
  10. Prepare for a stiff walk and enjoy the view with your friends and family.

Check my video below.

DNF: Did Not Finish – IRONMAN 70.3 Philippines 2015

I call it the battle of Mactan in Cobra IRONMAN 70.3 Philippines.

I under estimate this race. I told myself that this is an endurance race and yes i have it in my body system but i have no proper training and it turns out i got a cut off time during the 90km bike leg and turns to DNF (did not finish)

Thank God i survive the 1.9km struggling swim. According to the report there are more than 100 participants did not survive for the 70 minutes cut of time for 1.9km swim due to sea current.

Check my video below

My First Cobra IRONMAN 70.3 Philippines

In August 2014 is my first IRONMAN 70.3 Philippines experience and i was blown away of what i saw in the event. I told myself that i can do this Swim – Bike – Run.

There are almost 3,000 triathletes involved in this event and participated by more than 30 countries.