10 Commandments in Panikian Island

Panikian Island is located in the southernmost tip of Zamboanga del Sur. This beautiful island is uninhabited by people and is untainted by human hands. The beaches with crystal clear waters create a stunning image that can only be described as heavenly.

Panikian ISland

10 Commandments in Panikian Island

  1. Avoid disturbing nesting female turtles.
  2. Leave nest, eggs and hatching undisturbed.
  3. Turn off light that shine on beach (between May 1st to October 31st)
  4. Observe cleanliness. Garbage is bad for the turtles and other marine animals.
  5. Take you everything you brought to the island back home. (All trash and garbage)
  6. Stay away from an identified nesting sites with or without installed signage for at least 5 meters.
  7. Do not ride on the turtle, pull her flippers, turn over turtle, jump on her or injure her physically.
  8. Do not build campfires, shine bright torches on the beach at night or on the nesting turtle.
  9. Do not take any action for empty egg shells, or exposed, unhatched eggs. Violators subject to fines and imprisonment as stipulated in Republic Act No. 9417 (Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act) and Republic Act 8550 (Fisheries Code of 1998)
  10. Do the right thing. Help a safer environment for all sea turtles and other marine animals. Report weak, sick, or injured sea turtles and/or any marine animals or even violators by calling MENRO Pitogo at 0912-400-4853


Photo Credit: Ace Cerilles